A Leadership Imperative

Companies of all sizes, in all types of industries, are vulnerable to cyberattack, with consequences ranging from debilitating to disastrous.

Leaders in all functions must:
  • Understand the cyber threat patterns and actors to which their organization is most vulnerable.
  • Work across functions to build cybersecurity and resilience into strategy and operations at every level.

Our SmartCyber Leadership Presentations . . .

are concise and practical. Each offering is custom-designed to provide the insights and know-how your leaders need.

  • For leaders across the organization’s business functions and operations: Strategic perspectives and the technical conversancy to ensure that, as part of its business decision making, the enterprise develops sound policies, makes wise investments, and adopts robust, cost-effective approaches to managing its cyber risk.
  • For the organization’s technical and IT leaders: Business perspectives and best practices for developing sound plans and programs, articulating the business case, integrating cybersecurity with business operations, leading implementation and assessing effectiveness.
  • For leaders in all roles: Tools to collaborate effectively in assessing and addressing the organization’s cybersecurity challenges at every level.